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The Warm Up - This 45 to 60 minute show will amaze and involve your patrons.  Entertaining and helping your golfers learn and laugh is only the beginning in this pre-courser to the event that you have scheduled. LongDrivers.NET will adjust your exhibition to your needs from more trick shots to more power hitting to your specific needs. What you want is exactly what you will get and experience.

The Eagle Shot – As each Scramble group passes through an assigned par 5.  Your Hired Gun for the Day will pound golf balls down the fairway on a par 5 for each group. Creating the opportunity likely for each scramble group to experience the excitement of their very own Eagle or maybe even that elusive Double Eagle.

Master of Ceremonies – Are you looking for a twist, instead of that standard moderator? Our Comedic Long Drivers are more than entertainers on the tee-box. Riveting stories and tall tales are our specialty. The excitement of pulling spectators outside of their comfort zones laced with a boisterous crowds involvement assures success and remaining memories that will linger well through your next year’s event.

Junior Golf Shows – Watching the eyes of the kids and hearing the sounds of their shrieks will be rewards enough as your goals are realized. Not to mention that you might even give out a gasp of amazement and interest, yourself.

Trick Shots Only – If you are looking for a 60-minute show that allows us to show off exclusively our trick shots… We’re game. We can tailor this exclusively for you with a Long Driver or a Trick Shot specialist.  Remember, we are here to serve your specific requirements and requests.

If you have any extraordinary ideas, we are more than willing to comply too your needs or time constraints… Just let us know?

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LongDrivers.NET is dedicated in presenting extraordinary services for a value that will maximize a Charities proceeds or a Golf Events continued breathtaking interest. 

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