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Customer Responses:

“I wanted to personally thank you for making our event one that we will never forget… You certainly would make a great scramble partner. I don’t know what was more exciting… Watching that golf ball disappear into the distance or watching the faces and reactions of the people watching you hit that ball with that explosive sound that came from your driver.” (Fox

“Okay, you win. Offering anyone in the audience $10,000.00 if they could out drive you defiantly set me back in my seat. Well, until you mentioned that you get to use as many golf balls that you needed to win. Funny. The thing about the entire exhibition that surprised me the most, even now is when you grabbed the golf ball and told the audience “this ball is going to cave-in this Driver”. You proceeded to do it on that swing. The deafening scream that your driver made was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G… you boldly etched an image in my mind and ended on an incredibly high note. I am looking forward to seeing you again this August and I am bringing my earplugs.”
(American Cancer Center)

The Boeing Company has hired several PGA Tour players for our Commercial Sales Promotions. Hiring LongDrivers.NET boldly put a faster spin on the event. I noticed it right from the opening. Along with the anticipation and excitement, the high energy quickly captivated and awestruck golfers throughout the crowd. Spain was a great venue for a great experience for
the Commercial Division this year. We are planning on having you in Africa with us next year. (Boeing Customer Relations Seattle, Washington)

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